The Window at Silver Street

Silver Street 900w
After much planning and behind-the-scenes activity, we are delighted to announce the launch of The Window at Silver Street, a new pop-up art space for contemporary and experimental art in Cambridge.

The Window at Silver Street, part of the office front of Cambridge University Department of Land Economy, is Cambridge’s newest (and smallest!) venue for art and will host an ongoing series of artworks curated by Art Language Location.

Current installation

Nerma Cridge The Window 2_900h

Nerma Cridge Synonym/Antonym

“My piece entitled Synonym/Antonym consists of a mirror tape installation with printed/laser cut words on two sides, both the mirror face and the backing paper one. Synonyms of the word Window are printed on the front, whilst antonyms are inverted as though being seen in a mirror.

The suggestion behind it is that each word is often closely followed by its exact opposite meaning.

Each opening leads to an end, each beginning to a closure, in continuous repetition.”

Nerma Cridge
Mirror tape, 2019

Please note:
Viewing is from the street only, and there is room for one visitor at a time to pause in front of the window away from the pavement. Enjoy!

The Window logo_900w

Thank You

Many thanks to everyone who has helped us to make this happen, including:

Sam and Laura from Dept of Land Economy, Rosanna Greaves, Jo Miller, Judith Gaskell, Florence Austin, Lewis Mayo, Anna Maugliani, Jonny Church and particular thanks to Dennis Amoah for designing The Window at Silver Street logo as part of his Masters degree at Cambridge School of Art.

Would you like to show an artwork in The Window at Silver Street? If so, please email us your proposal or contact us for further details. We look forward to hearing from you!


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