The ALL Committee

A huge thanks to everyone – ALL is a non-profit organisation and it couldn’t happen in this scale without the time, commitment and enthusiasm that everyone is bringing to the project.

 becca Rebecca Ilett Artist

Curator of ALL2016

  Robert Good Artist

Chair of ALL2016

 Rosemary Rosemary Catling Artist and former gallery owner

Marketing and Publicity

 sara lerota edit Sara Lerota Website editor and social media

Our overseas branch of ALL. Sara is an artist living in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 Alison Litherland Alison Litherland Artist and copy editor

Marketing and Publicity

Catherine Cleary Artist

Curator of ALL2016

05/04/16 Student art exhibit 05/04/16 First Year BA Fine Art students at Anglia Ruskin are holding an exhibition of their coursework. Kieran Priest and Hannah Lucas. Picture: Warren Gunn Kieran Priest BA student at ARU

Committee member

Sandra Martins MA Student in Arts Administration

Treasurer & Project Administrator.

 CHANCE_Portrait Dr Veronique Chance  Artist and MA Course Leader at ARU

Advisory Board

 Susie small Suzie Guttierez Artist and Spanish/Art tutor

Committee member

 Iberia small Iberia Perez Art Historian, Independent Researcher & Curator

Committee and Curatorial Team member

 Olga small Olga Plocienniczak Administrator with background in arts organisation

Marketing and Publicity


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