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ALL2015 – Tom Hackett, Shaggy Dog Story. Photo: Bill Mudge

Join us as we look back at some of our favourite works from ALL over the years.

You Are Here

From the start, ALL has tried to create unexpected interventions and in 2012 for our inaugural Text&Context exhibition Sue Shepherd lit up Cambridge with You Are Here, a magnificent neon display overlooking Parker’s Piece. The neon was formally switched on by the Mayor at our opening event.

Sue Shepherd TextandContext
Sue Shepherd You Are Here

24 Hours in Cambridge

That same year Lilian Cooper visited Cambridge from Holland to spend 24 Hours in Cambridge, and installed a text poem in six locations around the city. You can still see some of Lilian’s snippets to this day.

Lilian Cooper TextandContext
Lilian Cooper 24 Hours in Cambridge (Trumpington Park & Ride)

Homage to Wittgenstein

One of the most talked about interventions from 2012 was a homage to the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein in the form of a sign outside the CU Casimir Lewy Philosophy Library. The sign remained for over a year, and images of it proliferated on the internet, even finding its way (unauthorised) onto the front cover of a magazine in South Africa.

Egidija Ciricaite Homage to Wittgenstein
Egidija Ciricaite Homage to Wittgenstein

Amnesia Painting

In 2013 Art Language Location featured its first Day of Performances, including Laura Napier who transformed an undisclosed handwritten text into an abstract watercolour painting.

Laura Napier Amnesia Painting 1
Laura Napier Amnesia Painting

Afloat and Adrift

We particularly enjoy unusual locations, and in 2014 Susie Johnson took to the river Cam to install our first (and so far only) floating artwork.

Susie Johnson Afloat
Susie Johnson Afloat and Adrift (detail)


2014 also saw Samantha Huang create an extended book installation throughout the rear stairwell at Waterstones bookstore, another ALL artwork that can still be seen today.

Samantha Huang
Samantha Huang installing at Waterstones

Text Vb.

We enjoy the challenge of alternative locations both in Cambridge and beyond, and 2015 did not disappoint. Sally Stenton created an eerie spectacle after dark in St Ives…

Sally Stenton at St Ives 2
Sally Stenton projects Text Vb. in the Bridge Chapel, St Ives

Atomic Clock

… whilst Patrick White managed to gain access to the Cambridge Nuclear Bunker to install his own countdown to Armageddon.

Patrick White video still
Patrick White Atomic Clock (video still from live projection)


We have had many great performances over the years, including a choral premiere by Ian Wolter, an Underwater Opera by Felicity Barrow and an interrogation by Ana Mendes, but a personal favourite was being startled to see Autobiographies being performed by Nadja Daehnke and Richard Dodwell in the middle of a busy dining area.

Nadja Daehnke and Richard Dodwell

We hope to see you at one of our future ALL events. In the meantime, do browse the ALL Archive to find out more.

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