Now Showing!

Gudrun Filipska aTE The Window 1_900h
Gudrun Filipska, founder of Arts Territory Exchange, installing work in The Window

The latest installation in The Window at Silver Street is ‘Put This In Your Window And Think Of Me’, a two part exhibition showing selected works from international artists within the Arts Territory Exchange programme.

Click on the QR code links to connect to music, films and websites:

Explore Welsh-Argentinian histories with Laura Eldret, tour around Point Roberts (American Enclave in Canada) with Denise Holland, view documentation from the postal exchanges of Catherine Reinhart in Iowa USA and Julie Briggs in Australia, view the print works of Anchorage based artist Jonathan S Green, listen to some experimental guitar playing with Kai Waianae in Japan, follow the daily walks of Roelant Meijer in Belgium, get to know the work of Polish artist Natalia J Kasprzycka, watch a film made by Annette F Johanessen (on the shores of a Norwegian Island), an analogue experiment with laura Copsey and a dreamscape in a very particular Swedish location with Peter Norman…

Put this in your window poster small 900h

The second part of the exhibition will be at Cambridge Artworks ArtSpace and will show exciting work from selected artist members around the themes of land, ownership, property, common land and rural urban tensions /// with a film screening event 4.30 – 7.30pm on Saturday 7th September, featuring:

Films by Mosig and Peachey, Carly Butler, Caroline Kelley, James Davoll, Muhammad Taymour, Laura Copsey, Michelle Kohler and the Bonneau-Knight Collectif. There will be accompanying texts written for the show by Fawn Daphne Plessner and Emily Artinian of the #cloudedtitle project, a research tendril of Streetroad Artists-space a gallery specialising in the themes of property and ownership in rural Pennsylvania, US.

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