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Kevin Moore 1_900w
Kevin Moore installs at The Window

The latest installation in The Window at Silver Street is The Town I Live In, There’s Room For Me, a large mixed media drawing that combines representational, abstract, written, musical and symbolic forms.

Sadly the plans for our launch event and artist talk have had to be cancelled, but please see below for a short description by Chloe and Kevin about the ideas behind their work.

Chloe and Kevin describe their work

“The drawing developed through a collaborative investigation into our personal experiences of landscapes. A central aspect of the creative dialogue focused on how we both use music to articulate, anchor and recall our experience of space, place and time.

The form was influenced by the paper-based materiality of the objects of land-mapping, as this begins to become obsolete in favour of digital processes. The visual language is influenced by cartographic symbols, the merging of panoramic and plan views, and scales and systems of measurement.

Our research led to early ‘wayfinding’ whereby instructions focus on point by point markers throughout a landscape journey. The dotted orange marks recall paths and tracking and are formed from song content translated into Morse code. The contrasting colour refers to deed maps whereby a property’s boundary is colourfully and geometrically highlighted on a flat plane, distinguishing it from the boundaryless organic undulations of the land’s geological surface.

Pairing has been used throughout. The 10cm squares of horizon drawings (taken from real and imagined landscapes) have been reassembled in pairs to form new views. Song titles were paired to create sentences that could inform the drawn elements immediately around them. The composition pairs lines, tones, shapes. The final addition of orange dot-lines creates geometric boundaries which both separate and connect the ‘places’ within the drawing.”


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