Arts Territory Exchange Archive Tour

aTE at Westminster Reference Library

We are delighted to be working with Gudrun Filipska and her Arts Territory Exchange (aTE) project. Arts Territory Exchange works with artists in remote locations across the world, pairing them in creative correspondences and organising exhibitions and events.

The Arts Territory Exchange Archive Tour is a chance to share the project with a wider audience and it is currently on show at Westminster Reference Library in central London. ALL are co-curating the work on display and helping to secure locations for the tour – further venues to be announced.

The archive comprises photographs and ephemera from exchanges between aTE artists, plus a soundwork entitled Fictional Territories created by two collaborating artists Didi Hock in Germany and Kim Goldsmith in Australia. You can also read A Shimmering Kind of Loneliness – a short story by KT Browne about being unexpectedly marooned on a small island far from home.

The Westminster Reference Library houses an important collection of art books and reference material from London’s theatre land, and hosts its own programme of art exhibitions and talks.

Call in to Westminster Reference Library until 15 December to see the archive – click here for full details.

With many thanks to Nick Osborne at Westminster Reference Library.
Picture credits: Gudrun Filipska

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