Our Travels Begin

Elisa Vladilo at work

Tomorrow ALL committee members Robert Good and Rebecca Ilett begin a week-long fact-finding trip to Europe – to visit ALL friends and artists Elisa Vladilo and Sara Lerota. The trip, which has been kindly sponsored by an a-n travel grant, will be to explore possibilities for future exchange exhibitions between ALL and art communities abroad.

As part of ALL we have always been interested in the ‘Location’ element of art, which is why we originally planned the visit, but of course in the current circumstances our trip is tinged with a wholly unexpected new political dimension. As we try and come to terms with the new realities it seems even more important than ever that we use art as a means to reach out to other communities and make new friendships and connections.

You can follow our progress during the trip on a blog over at the a-n website, and we shall no doubt be reporting back via the ALL website in due course. In the meantime, thank you to our friends in Europe for having us to stay, we are very much looking forward!

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