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Alison Carlier, photograph by Bill Mudge

Alison Carlier, Audio Drawing IV, photograph by Bill Mudge

Always nice to see how people respond to ALL and the artwork on view, so do take a look at an entertaining write-up and some fantastic photos taken by Bill Mudge during our ShowTime! day of performances.

Each year we have some artists who deliberately want their work to be unannounced interventions, playful engagements with their surroundings that are not tagged and packaged up as ‘art’, so it is great when such interruptions are noticed and commented upon. This year Alberto Duman created a work in Cambridge which was well spotted, and wonderfully documented, by Gillian Rose. Thanks Gillian!

Collective Investigations at Sidgwick Site

Collective Investigations at Sidgwick Site

Hot off the press we also have a new write-up by George Cullen of Collective Investigations in which George discusses their installation MIRROR ECHO. Check out our Gallery page for further artist photos and documentation; particular mention  for blog posts by Raju Rage and SHINDIG.

Finally, ALL comes to a close this weekend, so do take a look if you have not yet done so. This Saturday, 31st October, ALL organiser Robert Good will be leading two guided walks of artworks around ARU as part of Cambridge Festival of Ideas at 1pm and 3pm. The walk is free but places are limited, so book here if you’d like to join us.


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