Rebecca’s Road Trip – Parts 2 and 3

Sarah Wood at Central Library 3
Sarah Woods’ multimedia display at Central Library

After a great reception on Wednesday with the Mayor of St Ives for the opening of Sally Stenton‘s work in the Bridge Chapel, a further fascinating foray today around Cambridge as we caught up with the final tranche of ALL2015 Satellites. We started with Ben Bird‘s bus stop poster, neatly juxtaposing the language of urban renewal against a suitably gritty backdrop, before heading into town to find Sarah Woods‘ Dictionary of Lost Languages at the Central Library. This is a fascinating read! Onwards to the Sedgwick Museum, where the scale and detail of the drawings by Gillian Ellis is extremely impressive. Across the courtyard to the MacDonald Institute, where Alex Hirtzel has installed a very nice piece of work in the window, and finally in the car to the Centre for Computing History (an absolute must visit to unleash your inner geek) to see Caspar Below‘s video in its rightful home.

As we went round we were very struck by how successfully these artworks are engaging with their locations, and in turn how the locations themselves become energised by hosting new work; which of course is exactly the dynamic that ALL hopes to achieve. So many thanks to all our Satellite artists for making such great work and to our location owners for agreeing to host.

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