All Systems Go!


We have a Green for Go for our ALL Launch Party this year, which will take place at the ALL Hub on the Top Floor of Waterstones Cambridge on Weds 15th October 6-9pm. Very pleased to confirm that Louise Ashcroft (above, performing at this year’s Latitude festival) will be showing a brand new performative text piece entitled Silicone Fen. Louise says: “Silicone Fen is a comically surreal play that weaves stories and situations around fragments of Cambridge that might otherwise never have met.”

Silvia Champion sqWe are also delighted that Molly Jackson, Deputy Chief Executive of the South Bank Centre, will be formally launching ALL2014 for us, whilst Silvia Champion (right) will be diligently eavesdropping on overheard conversations – be careful what you say! We would love to include some music too, so if you know somebody who might be able to help us, do get in touch.

Tesco logo crop topWith many thanks to Neil Place and Tesco Community Project for supplying us with drinks and nibbles. Don’t miss.

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