On Your Bike

Susie Johnson
Susie Johnson

Thanks to everyone who made Showtime! such an enjoyable event – we had some fantastic performances and a lot of fun. Jonnie Howard was once again behind the lens and we can’t wait to share his latest highlights video soon.

In the meantime, its time to get on your bike, trike, hoverboard or unicycle and go and find our wonderful Satellite works around town. We’ve got some very intriguing and rewarding installations for you this year, including tapestry, neon, stone carving, and flags. Our locations include libraries, a bus stop, a museum and many others. Many thanks to all our location owners who agreed to host a work!

Rebecca and I will be aiming to visit all our Satellites in due course, so we’ll report back on our progress. But as we all know, there is no substitute for an encounter with the original artwork itself, so pump up your tyres, keep your eyes peeled and go find them!

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