ALL Abroad

ALL Stats screenshot Mar 2015

As our ALL2015 Callout passes the halfway mark (closing date 5th April!), it continues to intrigue. As the map shows, most website visitors are from around the UK, but a significant proportion are from further afield, with around 1 in 12 hits coming from 38 countries across the globe.

This is particularly tantalising, as this year we are keen to support some artists wishing to show work outside Cambridge. And when we say outside Cambridge, we really do mean anywhere. So if you are one of our many visitors from abroad, (or indeed across the UK) check out our new ALL Satellites programme (full details in the Callout) and why not send in a proposal?

In the meantime, many thanks to everyone who has so far submitted a proposal or made an enquiry, we have some great ideas already, and we look forward to receiving many more. You have 10 days to go!

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