Exit Through the ALL Shop

ALL Shop items
Clockwise from top left: Alban Low, Robert Good, Manoela dos Afonso, Collective Investigations, Anna Berry, Guy Bigland, BA Zanditon, Judith Weik, F&F

I hate to say it, but ’tis (nearly) the Season of Gift Exchanges, so why not pop in to the ALL Shop and stock up on some wonderful items for those hard-to-please gift recipients? We have a wonderful selection of cards, maps and booklets as well as prints (framed and unframed) and sculptures to fit all budgets. With wordplay, humour and work of a seriously high standard jostling for space on the shelves, the ALL Shop is a great mix of alternative items you really won’t find elsewhere.

So do call in to the ALL Shop at Waterstones (Top Floor) – there is still time to satisfy your inner shopper and support our artists with a purchase or two!

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