Stepping Up

Alexandra Drysdale and Ernest Dalton
Alexandra Drysdale and Ernest Dalton perform Hiercadia: Approximating Naivety

Wow! What a great day of performances, thank you so much to everyone who took part, as artist, organiser or audience – we had a great turnout! A few snaps below, whilst we await a more accomplished documentary record from our ALL photographer Josh Murfitt. It is really very exciting to see so much new art coming to Cambridge, and of such a high standard. Personal favourites were Mario Lautier Vella for a truly bubblegum experience, Tara Tate for polish and panache at the boundary of art and language, and Marc Renshaw for bringing back childhood memories. Sincere thanks to all for such hard work and a wonderful day.

PS Don’t miss: Catch Alexandra and Ernie in their two remaining performances for ALL next week: click here for details.

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