Watch this Space

62158_521975024521410_14040717_nWe are thrilled to have the support this year of Waterstones Cambridge, who have provided us with a very large display area on the Top Floor for the duration of ALL2014. This will be our Home and our Hub for the ALL festival – where you will be able to drop in and meet the artists, pick up a map and view some artworks. It will be our venue for our Grand Opening on October 15th and for our Engine Tea Party on October 18th. You will be able to call in to see ‘Shelf Life’, in which each ALL artist will have one shelf to use as they would like, and our ALL Shop, where once again we shall be offering delectable and desirable artworks for sale. Very much looking forward to seeing how this turns out – many thanks to Rosie and her team for making this happen!


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