Carl Gent - Gestation(small)
Last year Kato Catling provided us with our first underground work, creating the wonderful Furniture in the basement of the Norfolk Street Project Space for us. This year, however, we are aiming to go truly subterranean, with Carl Gent hoping to create work in an underground sewer somewhere around Cambridge. This is just one of the many challenges facing our intrepid Locations Manager, Rebecca Ilett, who is working again this year with our artists to help them secure their exhibition space. Other locations we are hoping to track down include a swimming pool, and my own preferred site, a flagpole. More details to follow, along with some exciting news about a new creative partnership that we have just received the go-ahead for.

Picture credit: ‘A 56,000,000 gestation. An execution’ – Carl Gent, 2012.

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