Two Weeks to Go!

impossible 5_900w
One of the intriguing things about working on A:L:L is wondering which locations we will be able to secure: some places that you think will definitely say ‘yes’ say ‘no’, whereas by contrast we have managed to place works in spaces that I would never have thought possible. Sometimes the negotiations are long and tortuous, and some lovely people say ‘yes’ straightaway.

So if you are thinking of applying, you are definitely encouraged to aim high for where you would like to locate your work. We can’t guarantee to work miracles (sadly!), and ultimately it is the responsibility of each artist to secure their own location, but we do offer to help all our artists with practical advice, local knowledge and contacts plus lots of hands-on experience. And if we get a ‘no’, we keep going to try to find a ‘yes’.

Already this year we have had a number of new locations proposed, so very much looking forward to seeing the final layout for ALL2014 in due course!

PS: As stated in the callout, you do not need to have secured your location when you submit your proposal; a statement of your preferred placement is sufficient. The negotiations begin in earnest after the callout process is complete…

Picture credit:
Robert Good
Cambridge street graffiti

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