Zen and The Art of A:L:L

AWLBno29_6x4_900wIs your Art Work Life Balance out of step? Do you need advice on how to get it right? Then why not pick up a set of these wonderful Art Work Life Balance cards from Norfolk Street Project Space, or catch them around town, where artist Adam Goodge has been leaving them for people to find. Adam will be doing a performance as part of our Festival of Ideas Open Day this Saturday 26th October, so make sure to catch him there – further details to follow.

The EagleAlternatively, to restore your equilibrium why not call in to The Eagle for a pint of refreshing DNA bitter and ask for a Dino Alfier Enthymeme limited edition beermat with which to toast Rosalind Franklin? Dino’s beermats are going fast so ask behind the bar if you can’t find one on the tables and either way do mention A:L:L if you can – no purchase necessary but manager Mariusz has been a very supportive sponsor of Dino’s project so it would be nice if we could help him in return. Cheers!

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