Help Needed

Nick Gear Lost Found [lost…?]Good morning and welcome to Monday morning with A:L:L! This week we shall be featuring some of the artworks out and about around Cambridge for you to encounter on your travels.

First up I’m very much looking forward to seeing the results (above) of a derive by Nick Gear earlier this year. Lost Found [lost…?] is on display at C.U. Department of Land Economy on Silver Street.

Madeleine Walton

Welcome to Cambridge today also to Madeleine Walton, a member of the Guerilla Writers collective and joint winner of the 2012 London Bookart Bookshop competition What Is To be Done, who will be reviewing A:L:L for us using a formal constraint for her writing: all comments will be in the form of a series of Lists. Very much looking forward to Madeleine’s review which will be published on this website in due course.

Finally, we would like to enlist some help in spotting the Outspoken courier bike around town – rumour has it that a bike with the A:L:L livery has made its first excursion. A small prize to the first picture of the bike! You can email us via our Contact page or Like us and Share your encounters directly via the A:L:L Facebook page.


  1. Bryan Eccleshall

    Well played Madeleine. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. By the way, Guerrilla is spelled/spelt wrong in the post. Grammar Guaridan, ahoy!

  2. Apologies Bryan, should that be Gorilla? 🙂 I blame spell checker…

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