A:L:L Guide

DVSo our lovely A:L:L Guide has made it back from the printers and into the four Oxfam Shops, where you can pick up your copy. The Guide contains full details of artworks, locations and opening times, plus map and short version of the artwork descriptions. Design and print by Matthew Wilson and Peter Sutton.

We shall also be distributing them throughout Cambridge next week, so look out for them at a venue near you! With thanks to the four Oxfam managers Deborah, Czilla, Matt and Rachael. A-L-L Guide in Oxfam

Front cover picture credit: Abbie Canning


  1. […] Cambridge, meet the artists and enjoy performances, presentations, and discussions. Pick up an A:L:L Guide from one of the Oxfam Shops for full […]

  2. […] forget to pick up an A:L:L Guide to check out the artworks all around town, and be sure to come along to our A:L:L Opening Event […]

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