Committeed to the Cause

ALL Committee

It was our last A:L:L planning meeting last night so a fitting time to say thanks to everyone who has put in so much time and effort to the cause! Had intended to get the pic taken before we had our drinks, but better late than never. Let’s hope we’re still all smiling in a week’s time. Thanks everyone!

L-R Peter Sutton, Michelle Maciejewska, Susie Olczak, Ruth Moushabeck, Robert Good, Josepa Munoz, Hollie Ward, Jodie, Matthew Wilson, Rebecca Ilett. Not present: Sue Shepherd, Patsy Rathbone, Alena Taylor.

One Comment

  1. A very pleasing evening, thanks Robert. I have added a few more contacts to the list and now it’s almost completed. Waiting for an email.

    I’m sending you the list as it is now just in case you want to get started with this.



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