FADE to Gray

Harry Gray FADE 2_900wGreat to see artwork for A:L:L starting to be installed. Artist Harry Gray today installed ‘FADE‘ on the lawn at the Sidgwick Site. The giant stencilled letters will be removed once A:L:L is underway to leave a residual impression in the grass. By coincidence last year’s Text&Context artist Carol Sommer was on site and was soon recruited to the cause!

We will be starting a photodiary of A:L:L images in due course so if you visit the Sidgwick Site and have pictures of the completed work that you are happy to share please send them to us via email or our Facebook page. All images used will be credited.

With thanks to Jamie Brittain at the Sidgwick Site for permission to install FADE, and to Travis Perkins for donation of materials.

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