Dino Alfier mat-side-2-publicity_900w

Thank you to the famous pub The Eagle in the centre of Cambridge for funding a special edition run of Dino Alfier‘s beermats, which celebrate the often overlooked contribution made by Rosalind Franklin to the discovery of the structure of DNA. Dino says “A plaque outside The Eagle states that ‘During their research into DNA in the early 1950s, Watson & Crick used The Eagle to relax and discuss their theories whilst refreshing themselves with ale.’ Through my work Enthymeme (Photo 51), Franklin symbolically joins James Watson and Francis Crick in their scientific discussions at The Eagle. ” Visit The Eagle yourself during A:L:L for some refreshment and to see the image on the reverse.

With thanks to Ben Anguige and Laura Mitchell at Greene King Brewery for their help and Mariusz Daniel Grazawski at The Eagle for his generous support.

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