Location, Location, … Relocation?

Steve Rosenthal Here are things

One of the nice things about the A:L:L project is the interactions with people, and none more so than the negotiations involved to place artworks in public (and private) spaces. Sometimes this can take a long time, sometimes it happens straightaway, and sometimes it doesn’t quite happen at all. But the process of talking to people about art and seeing what can be achieved definitely makes it seem worthwhile. So a big thanks to everyone who says ‘yes’ to hosting an artwork, and we are very pleased to confirm the first of our locations for this year: Plurabelle Books and Sculpture Garden; the Ruskin Corridor, Cambridge School of Art and the Sidgwick Site, Cambridge University.  Each site will be hosting a number of A:L:L artists to create clusters of work that can be viewed together.

Many more locations are in various stages of planning, and we’ll be updating our new Locations page with more details as they become confirmed.

Picture credit: Steve Rosenthal

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