Véronique Chance (Cambridge, UK)

Run Commute London to Cambridge, Ruskin Gallery

In a world of mobile technologies, wireless connections, smart and transferable interfaces, the notion of PLACE is one that is continuously challenged through an interconnected and networked environment, composed of multiple and connected reconfigurations of space, time, materials and entities. A PLACE no longer needs to be visited in person, but can be discovered virtually through the uses of Google Earth Pro and other electronic mapping tools. At the same time, we can reveal our location, at a distance, through our mobile devices, wherever we may be.

And yet, what is it today to actually experience a PLACE in person and to navigate, and feel the changing landscape on foot? How can this experience be communicated with others at a distance? And how reliable can technology be in sharing that experience?

The work to be shown in the exhibition PLACE is in two parts:

1) A large-scale map/drawing and other ephemera will be installed for the start of the exhibition, indicating a proposed route to be run by the artist from London to Cambridge. This will follow the railway route normally taken by train to get to work. Written annotations, flyover videos and print outs will reveal elements of preparation for the proposed journey to be taken.

2) On Monday January 29th 2018, the artist will begin her journey to Cambridge, starting from Liverpool Street Station. She expects to arrive in Cambridge for the Private View of the Exhibition on Thursday 1st February. She will be relaying her activity as she runs live from her mobile phone. This will be viewable in the gallery and online from a web-interface. (With thanks to Matt Watkins for his technical advice and expertise in making this possible.)


Run Commute London to Cambridge, 2018
Performance with Maps, drawing, video/s, prints
live web relay/ projection and other ephemera.