Sara Lerota (Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Beyond the Horizon, Ruskin Gallery

The core concept of the piece Beyond the horizon is exceeding the limitations and boundaries of any kind, especially when it comes to communication, exchange of experiences and collaboration. Connection and cohesion between compatible unities are inevitable, regardless of distance, borders, different languages, prohibitions or time.

This idea is presented through a 3D model created by the artist in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), which is then transferred in a digital form via Internet more than 1000 miles away and materialized through a high-tech 3D printer in the Ruskin Gallery (Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK). The process of 3D printing and finalization of the printed piece is happening during the PLACE exhibition grand opening, while the audience, as a witness, is an active participant and contributor to the work. Sara Lerota, who created the 3D model in Mostar at the beginning of this conceptual work, is also physically present at the gallery in Cambridge at its final transformation from digital to physical form. In general, the infinite number of possible transformations from digital to physical world (and vice versa), due to recent advancements in technology, puts aside the limitations of space and time.

Sara Lerota - PLACE - image 30.12.2017.
Beyond the Horizon, 2018
3D filaments, 3D printer, 3D modeling software
Dimensions 22.86 cm x 14.98 cm x 13.97 cm

Once the image is printed it becomes evident that it shows a replica of our Solar system with all eight planets and the Sun. The location of the viewer is marked by a pin on that “map”, but, thanks to selected perspective and point of view, the borders of countries, even continents, are invisible and the pin covers the whole Earth as the only current location. It depends solely on the perspective of the viewer – are the borders and limits relevant? Or there is something more beyond the horizon?

The concept of this work and artist´s perspective is deeply affected by live connections and friendships created through years of art related collaboration between Mostar, Cambridge and other cities all around the world.