Maja Rubinić (Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Rules Of Participation, Gallery 9


Each participant will be given one sheet of paper. All sheets of paper will be identical in size. The task is to attempt to express your current or usual emotional state in a maximum of five marks. The strokes should be abstract, and as far as possible, they should represent a history of yourself through time or space. When these five gestures have been made – they can be of different lengths, colours and shapes – they should be repeated until the paper is covered, so that, according to your judgement, a matrix of several gestures has been made and repeated across the paper to form a sample. That one sheet will be a representation of you.


What people do not know is that in the end the pages will be collated into a single zigzag concertina that will be able to hang or stand upright as a frontal or dissolved accordion.


Lately I have finally realised that I can spare other people my opinions… instead, I prefer to offer a solution: I want to allow each person to express themselves individually. This is partly out of curiosity and partly for moral reasons – because of the danger of falling into one of the classic ironies of life, which is to be both victim and executioner at the same time. This current work deals with these issues.