Elisa Vladilo (Trieste, Italy)

Points of Reflection, Ruskin Gallery

The idea is to create a moment of reflection/meditation about the aspects we focussed on during the creative process for PLACE, the project for ALL 2018. In particular, I would like to focus on “Cultural Identity”. I selected this phrase because I think it can express very well a crucial point relating to travelling/migration, leaving a country of origin and going to a new place.

Cultural Identity does not have to be a wall between various identities, but a platform for an exchange to get a wider point of view of the world and to be more conscious about the place where we live, and of course also  about ourselves.

Stitching The Border, 2010
Ribbons and metal pickets – 200 cm each string.
Site specific on the Slovenja/Italy border.

The idea is to create two circles where one is in English, and the other will be in Italian, focusing and opening the idea about the meaning that these words can have, for example in these two different cultures. It will create a moment where people passing by can read the words and start to think about them. Of course, they are words that are very widely used at this historical moment, but maybe it could be useful to take time and think about them more deeply.

Each person can have a personal response to them, but it is definitely possible to find similar and common points of view. Or maybe some people never really take the time to think about it. So it is a moment to reflect about this, having as the input something different, something which is not a newspaper, or radio or TV, or social media. I think we need to take more time to think about it, and to really ask ourselves our personal feelings about it.

Reflection as a meditation.

Reflection as a mirror.

EV Aus Der Farbe Heraus
Aus Der Farbe Heraus, 2011
Silene acetate – 500×360 cm each.
Site specific for Verain Lendhafe.