Dalibor Nikolić (Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Verwindung, Ruskin Gallery

Drawing in space, 2017
Video, graphite on paper, burnt paper

The basic principles of my artistic production are reduced to multimediality, modularity, constructions through building of the form, and the notion of dematerialization. A special subject of my interest is drawing and use of light as a media. The PLACE project intrigued me as a participant for several reasons. The emphasis that organizers place on modern art, the way they problematize the concepts they want to present to the public are: language, relationships, relation towards the other and the different. The exploratory approach of the organizers, their “fieldwork” and visits to festival´s participating countries, as well as direct communication with exhibitors, are rare today. When I met Robert and Rebecca, I got the impression that the idea they are proposing as well as the exhibition they plan needs to be supported. To this end, at the invitation of the organizers, I responded by the recent work that unites some of my primary interests in terms of artistic expression, drawing and dematerialization.

The work in a certain way problematizes the “dialectical approach to the drawing process”. By this, I mean the way in which the drawing looks like a line that wraps in paper, while in the case of the work I plan to show, the paper is rubbed into another paper that is saturated with graphite.

The consequence of such a drawing process is a series of spontaneous “events”. The drawings I show can only be seen for a certain time. All drawings are foreseen to be transferred to space, a process of “destruction” or burning. Spontaneous graphite drawing surfaces at the moment of burning “exit” from the disappearing drawings, and become spontaneous flying pieces of paper that fill the space in a meditative atmosphere of slow motion through the gallery space.

Those few moments of floating of burned paper in the air is actually the work I want to show. In a theoretical sense, the work refers to the work of Gianni Vattimo, The End of Modernity, in which the author enthusiastically and affirmatively determines the key terms of the term Nihilism, referring to Heidegger’s and Nietzsche’s concept of nihilism as a prerequisite for any change. Heidegger’s term “Verwindung” explaining the transition from overburdening, overcoming, to the emergence of something “new” is a key element of the work I plan to exhibit in the Ruskin Gallery.