Carlo Andreasi (Trieste, Italy)

Three Geosophical Fragments:

Landscape Through The Tears of Our Lady, The Po Valley

The Hermit, Trieste

North EmisferoThe Possessed of Verzegnis Ruskin Gallery


I was born in Legnago, a small town in northern Italy. I attended Palaeontology at the University of Trieste and Photography at the EcoleSuperieure d’Art in Mulhouse, in North-Eastern France. I currently live and work in Trieste. I would not call myself an artist or a photographer, but rather an “explorer of the world”.

For a few years, I’ve been devoting myself, with an undefined degree of awareness, to what I call Experimental Geosophy.

Experimental Geosophy is a sort of dowsing applied to the tale of a place, in which the main instrument is the human being and their aptitude for subtle perception. If I had to define it in a few steps, I would say that it means:

  • Revealing the deep nature of places
  • Conceiving a representation system determined by the place itself. A sort of symbolic paradigm for a specific place
  • Being aware that each sign is an imprecise translation of something inexpressible
  • Conceiving poetry not as literature but as the practice of weaving unexpected relationships between people, things, and events.
  • Imagining poetry as the only form capable of capturing the complexity of reality
  • Imagining poetry as an instrument of investigation same as a microscope or the metre
Image above from the book ‘ North Emisfero’, 2018
Hand-made book. Ink-jet print on paper