Andreja Džakušič (Celje, Slovenia)

Language Landscape, Ruskin Gallery

As an interdisciplinary contemporary artist, I deal with socially engaged art, art in public space and community art. I express myself in various media. I live and work in Celje, a small town of just the right size.

For the PLACE: Relinking, Relating, Relaying exhibition, I am creating an audio picture, a landscape as a sound installation in public space, and a graphic translation of this landscape for an installation in the gallery.

I am taking recorded statements from the artists participating in the PLACE: Relinking, Relating, Relaying project, regarding the countries from which we are coming from and layering them to a sound landscape of various languages. Due to the layering of the sound, most of the content can’t be recognized, only here and there, a single word, as a lonely mountaintop, is poking out of the cacophony of sounds.

Using computer equipment (voice recognition software) sound statements are converted to text that I use as a graphic template in a similar way as sound recordings – written texts being layered one over the other. I am also interested in the anomalies in the text inevitably occurring as a result of machine transcription.

Pokrajina Jezikov / Language Landscape
December 2017