ALL2015 Archive

ALL2015 saw the arrival in town of Tom Hackett and his twelve bright yellow shaggy dogs. Amongst many other highlights, Sally Stenton lit up the Bridge at St Ives, Nadja Daehnke created a pop up boutique optometry service and Eric Marland carved a churchyard memorial stone.

ALL2015 Video

Videos by Jonnie Howard.

ALL2015 Artists’ Gallery

All images courtesy the artists.



Bill Mudge photographs ALL2015 Showtime!

A selection of photographs by Bill Mudge. Check out his full report and blog here.



ALL2015 Around Cambridge

The ALL committee take a look…



Blogs and Websites

External links to artists’ work and documentation.

Raju Rage
CI thumbnail
Collective Investigations

… and Gillian Rose visits Cambridge and spots some work by Alberto Duman and documents it in a lovely blog post.