Save the date!

Some exciting news to announce: ALL will be teaming up with the wonderful Lizz Brady and Broken Grey Wires for a very special fundraiser event at Guest Projects, London featuring ALL artists past and present. More details will be announced at the end of the month…but for now, save the date!! 14th December 2017. Five Years: My brain hurts a lot.

New ALL Exhibition – Jan 2018

After taking some time out to pause for breath, we are delighted to announce that ALL will be back in January 2018 with a new exhibition entitled PLACE: Relinking, Relating, Relaying. The exhibition will feature artists from Italy, Slovenia and Bosnia Hercegovina alongside others working closer to home and will be our most ambitious attempt yet to work collaboratively with artists from many different countries. Join us in January to find out how we get on!

ALL Website Refresh

Welcome to our shiny all-new ALL website! You can now Take a Tour to find out what we have been up to over the years, and for an extended trip down memory lane, make yourself a brew, sit back and Browse our Archive. We’d like the ALL website to be a place where you can find news and views on all things to do with art, text and place, so head over to our Features and Shares page where we will be posting items of interest, and you can read about the wonderful Alban Low in our new ALL Artist Spotlight. We…