Tom Hackett and Julian Woodcock

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Quantitative Data Comparison Site (Winner Takes It All)
Performance, 90 minutes
Parker’s Piece, opposite Gonville Place CB1 1NA
Kick off Saturday 15 October 3pm (tbc)

A football net will be set up. Taking it in turns, each protagonist will either sit on a chair in the goal mouth, or take a series of 5 penalty kicks, in line with Fifa regulations. Prior to each kick the goalie will read two sets of comparative quantitative data as if announcing football scores.

These will vary from the actual, i.e.

The price of parallel consumer items
Property prices
Natural disaster
Crime Statistics
Human migration statistics
Artist’s rankings/earnings

to the less concrete i.e.

A numerical value given to a walk by the river versus climbing a hill
An overhead cloud versus a cheesecake
A power ballad versus a disco classic
A pylon versus a cooling tower

The penalty taker will then shoot. The Goalie will not attempt to save, but remain still. At close of play the comparative data prompt cards will then be posted up in a location at ARU.

The work explores the place of data in our society with a mix of scepticism and reflection where, to quote Abba, ‘The winner takes it all’ in an increasingly polarized world. It also challenges the myth that artists don’t sport. For us, as artists data driven valuation often sits uncomfortably. The action aims to balance humour and moments of reflection.