Sophie Brown

Sophie Brown-2

A Visual Conversation
Installation and performance
Mumford 1st Floor, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road CB1 1PT
Mon-Sat 10:00-16:30; performance 13 October 18:00

A site specific geometric tape work, inspired by hand gestures during conversation. A visual response to a subconscious form of communication.

With an interest in how we visually communicate with the world around us, and without our conscious knowledge; my work is inspired by hand gestures during conversations.

Sophie Brown
Developed through collecting and mapping hand gestures in conversations, I create a visual pattern. This is then projected back into space on a large scale using tape.

Tape allows me to expressively work across the different surfaces within the a space, without impairing the day to day functioning of it. The medium is unforgiving, the strong thick lines are bold, bringing into consciousness this ignored form of communication that the work is about.

I spend time with the location of the artwork before creating it, mapping the specific gestures that have been created there. These will then become the influence for the pattern created to the final piece.

Much like hand gestures the pattern will be unique, site specific and temporary. It will embody a visual language that has been expressed within the location, and become part of it.