Rosanna Greaves

Rosy Greaves 1_900h

No Central Control
Installation with gold–leaf and projected scrolling text
Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, 10 Trumpington St CB2 1QA
Gold leaf canopy viewable 24 hours; timed projections: see timings below

No Central Control is an installation comprising of scrolling text projected and reflected onto a gold leaf floor. The text is projected low to the ground scrolling right to left like a stock market ticker.

The script considers the social construct of money working under similar conditions to a belief system, based on faith and trust relationships. Focusing on the dichotomy between new virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and the illusion of monetary value being based in the material, such as coins or gold.

The text is composed from extracts of conversations between Rosanna Greaves, Adam Joyce a bit coin insurer, and Brett Scott a journalist, campaigner and former broker. And includes quotes form his article Riches Beyond Belief.

Projection timings

Thurs 13th Oct 4pm 9pm
Sat 15th Oct 12 noon 5pm
Mon 17th Oct 6pm 10pm
Tues 18th Oct 6pm 10pm
Wed 19th Oct 6pm 10pm
Sat 22nd Oct 6pm 11pm
Mon 24th Oct 6pm 10pm
Tues 25th Oct 6pm 10pm
Wed 26th Oct 6pm 10pm