PLACE – Relinking, Relating, Relaying

PLACE Relinking, Relating, Relaying

An Extended Exhibition by Art Language Location

at The Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge and elsewhere

25 January – 17 February 2018

In 2016 ALL Committee members Robert Good and Rebecca Ilett visited Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Bosnia Hercegovina to meet ALL artists overseas and to sow the seeds for a future cross-cultural, cross-border and multi-locational ALL exhibition. By coincidence, the visit took place in the very same week as the British referendum on Europe, and so our attempt at outreach, engagement and exchange now played out against an increasingly surreal political backdrop and a new mood of retrenchment, exclusion and difference.

Rebecca and Elisa 900w
Rebecca Ilett with Elisa Vladilo in Trieste

Two years and many conversations later, and the result will be PLACE: Relinking, Relating, Relaying, a forthcoming exhibition in January 2018 that will explore the fault lines that currently run through our politics and society, and across the globe. What is the significance of social and cultural identity? What does it mean to belong? If you identify with one culture, does that come at the cost of protecting it from other cultures? And what about those who are displaced, dispossessed or disconnected from a sense of ‘home’?

For PLACE: Relinking, Relating, Relaying, ALL has invited each of the artists that Robert and Rebecca met on their 2016 visit, along with other selected artists that we have met through the ALL project, to contribute a work that explores some aspect of locality within our globalised yet fractured network of contemporary culture and society.


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