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Some of the projects that we like…

Please contact us if you have something you would like to see featured here.

A Wandering Poem

A Wandering Poem is a printed collaboration between travelling poet Christian Marques and visual interpreter Angharad Hengyu Owen.

An incredibly original project, A Wandering Poem is a bi-disciplinary re-exploration of an eight-month journey across three continents and seven countries. The result is a bilingual (English and Portuguese) collection of emotional imprints weaving poetry and graphic design so that form is equally a part of the narrative as content.

Wondering Poem

Centre for Material Texts

The Centre for Material Texts at Cambridge fosters research into the physical forms in which texts are embodied and circulated, and the ways in which those forms have interacted with literary cultures and historical contexts.

Based in the Faculty of English, the CMT provides a forum for starting new conversations which push back the boundaries in the study of a wide variety of media – from spoken words to celluloid, from manuscript to XML.


Fiona Banner

The work of British artist Fiona Banner (Merseyside, 1966) comprises sculpture, drawings, video installations, performances, posters and books. Within an ever-present relationship between the virtual and the physical, she has often described words as her medium. The artist has even combined existing typefaces she had used a lot in her work to create a new typeface called Font, which anyone can download for free (www.fionabanner.com).

A current exhibition as part of In De Pont’s collection is Banner’s first major presentation in the Netherlands.

Fiona Banner 1


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