Paul Michael Browne


One Way Conversation
Scruffs Hairdressing, 68-69 Bridge St CB2 1UR
Mon-Sat 09:00 – 17:00; late nights Mon, Wed, Thur

A magazine containing every received text message recorded verbatim over the course of a year, a month & a day, and left in the waiting area of a salon.

This project was originally formed from 05.05.05 to 06.06.06, published in a single magazine in 2007 & given away. This is a 10 year anniversary edition which has been published and left in a contextually suitable environment to reflect the ephemerality of the medium and content, where we briefly delve into the stories and aspects of other people’s lives.

Paul Michael Browne
Working with text, prose, sound and ordinary objects, I am a British interdisciplinary artist observing human interaction and behaviour within the urban environment, with a focus upon mental health and the nebulous human experience that exists behind our staring eyes, where memories wander the unevenly lit chambers of the mind. Often working in the public domain with installations and interventions, the projects tend to have an indeterminate lifespan, echoing the ephemerality and loss contained within the art.