Mark Langley

Mark Langley 1_900w

Video installation
Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road CB1 1PT
Mon-Sat 10:00-16:30

Birdsong pre-dates the first human utterance, drawing or primitive letterform. Mimic asks a simple question : ‘what if a birds song was a drawing?’ The answer to this question became the making of a film where a solitary birdsong is transcribed into a simple, rather hypnotic and instinctive piece of ‘sonic graffiti’ – a delicate ‘calligraphic nest’.

Mark Langley is an artist based in the UK and exhibited internationally.

Mark’s work can stubbornly defy categorisation encompassing at times, video, sound, sculpture, performance and installation. Often witty, melancholic or even romantic in spirit, it’s actually the ‘stuff of everyday life’ that is routinely drawn into his practice. In this way, we can perhaps view his work as curating ‘the ordinary’, where the objects, images and sounds of daily life are collected and subtly transformed into artworks charged with new meanings or narratives. His works may occasionally appear simplistic or even utilitarian but through the alchemy of play or humour he manages to conjure with the both tangible and ephemeral. His works often disguise a conceptual ‘sleight of hand’, by deftly revealing the extraordinary from within the ordinary.

“I feel my work is most successful when I can take something that belongs to the everydayand enable it to escape the gravity of its origins to orbit freely around a new idea or meaning.

In my most recent work, a large scale video work made specifically for the Ruskin Gallery, ‘mimic:chorus’ attempts to imitate itself. Layers of light and sound compose multiple shadow drawings across the gallery. This piece also invites the viewers to join ‘the chorus’, encouraging them to record or use Twitter to ‘tweet’ along with their own mobile devices and simultaneously play their own ‘miniature’ versions of the work”.