Laura Denning

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Simon Says
Interactive audio trail and installation
ZigZag Water installation at The Reisner Laboratory (foyer), Lensfield Rd CB2 1EW

Simon Says is a downloadable app which operates as an expanded geographic narrative to tell the story of the water flowing below and sometimes along the streets of Cambridge, and which culminates in participants manipulating water flow using sound frequencies. You can pick up details of how to download the App at the Ruskin Gallery throughout the exhibition period, and let it guide you on a walk through Cambridge to uncover this (mostly/moistly) underground story.

Download the app here!

The project takes its name from a significant city resident who quietly and invisibly ensures that Cambridge doesn’t drown in its own sewage. Simon Bunn is the Sustainable Drainage Officer for Cambridge City Council, and my collaborator on this project.

zigzagThe walk culminates at the interactive installation at The Reisner Laboratory (foyer), Lensfield Rd CB2 1EW where participants can find a kinetic water-based installation which utilises Augmented Reality and Bluetooth technology to highlight the relationship between fossil-fuel use, marine pollution and climate change. Zig Zag takes its name from Braidotti’s notion of zig-zagging between ideas to identify the points of convergence and difference that make those ideas unique.

Laura Denning

My work uses sonic recordings and episodes of moving image to construct short sound pieces and silent films which are site-specific, and within which water is a carrier of meaning.  My raw material is the vast range of aquatic sounds and images in the natural and man-made worlds. Ultimately all my work explores subjectivity in relation to place and environmental politics.