Kenji Lim

Memories in Other Air
Self guided audio walking tour and downloadable map
Suggested walk starts outside The Anchor pub, Silver Street CB3 9EL

Memories in Other Air is a sound piece that operates as a self-guided audio tour around Cambridge, with the audio a narrative description from memory of my experience of walking through Okunoin – the largest cemetery in Japan. The piece sets out to examine the relationship between language, place, and memory; and how a participant might overlap the experience and awareness of their immediate surroundings with the spoken description of another time and place.

The path echoes the lanes of Cambridge, as do the stone gateways and college entrances. Bridges in Okunoin are placed as boundaries and gateways to a different part of the site, where visitors are made aware that they are now entering a new area. Cambridge similarly has a number of foot bridges over the River Cam, and overlapping the route with the audio in these areas allows participants a new awareness and interpretation of their surroundings.

The audio for the piece is available (above) for listeners to download or stream on their mobile devices and a map of a suggested route to walk while listening to the audio is also available both online (above) and physically. The suggested route takes in locations which echo the description and encourage reflection but I would also like to empower listeners to create their own walking routes and engage with the soundtrack actively in the environments they occupy.

Kenji Lim is a UK based artist working across different media including painting, drawing, installation and video. He studied at The Ruskin School of Art at Oxford University and whilst there was shortlisted for the Beck’s Futures Student Prize for Film and Video (2002) at the ICA. His work examines ideas of memory, place, and our connection to our past and to wilderness, often through the prism of fairytale and myth.

Lim exhibits nationally, with solo exhibitions including Beginning Times, Globe at Hay (2015) and At Home With Strangers, Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo (2014). Group exhibitions include Love and Death at Walcot Chapel, as part of Fringe Arts Bath (2015) and Art Language Location, Cambridge (2015) where he was winner of the ALL2015 Award. He has been selected for various open exhibitions including The Royal West of England Academy Open (2015), East West Art Award Competition (2014), Art Gemini Prize (2014) and Fringe Arts Bath Open (2012), and was also included in The State of Art: Landscape & Portrait #1 (Bare Hill Publishing).