Elena Cologni

Elena Cologni lottagrectrottole_900w

Seeds of Attachment
Conversations, drawings, nomadic sculpture
Pop-up locations around Cambridge and CU Lowenfeld Library Centre for Family Research
by appointment

The activity aims at understanding the emotional, psycho-geographical condition of motherhood, and its possible economic implications in society. Seeds Of Attachment ultimately points to the crucial role of various forms of dialogue (even prelinguistic, or tacit) in the construction of identity in relation to places (attachment and belonging) and the experience of infant-mother attachment. A very basic and yet crucial stage in people’s lives, their relation to their land in the everyday, is currently becoming ever so unstable for so many. A mass migration of unprecedented dimensions, the impact of which is difficult to predict, but we can try to understand as most of us might have moved away from the very first place we knew, to another city, county, region or country. This activity will widen and consolidate the scope of a consistent artistic practice into place attachment (individual’s experience) and belonging (the others’ perception), in sculptural formats to also underline the importance of physically sharing artistic processes and experiences, from a woman’s viewpoint.
To take part, click: Seeds of Attachment

Photograph courtesy of the artist and Galleria Doppelgaenger, Bari, Italy

Contributing to a project funded by Grants for the Arts Council England
and New Hall Collection, Cambridge