Catherine Cleary and Rebecca Ilett

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After Dark in the Playing Fields
Museum of Cambridge, 2/3 Castle Street CB3 0AQ
Tue-Sat 10:30 – 17:00; Sun 12:00 – 16:00

M. R. James, Provost of King’s College and Director of The Fitzwilliam was and is noted for the writing of ghost stories that touch on the darker creatures of the Fens, the elemental control of earth air and water and the supernatural perils that may lurk within books and libraries, waiting their chance to be unleashed by ill advised scholarship or simple curiosity.

Drawing on James’ fictions, fictions that he insisted must always obey the principles of folklore and established superstition, we propose to explore the folklore of the fens and the more sinister denizens of the waterways and marshes, using the medium of film and sound.

‘….but I see – such curious faces: and the people to whom they belong flit about so oddly, often at your elbow when you least expect it, and looking close into your face, as it were searching for someone – who may be thankful, I think, if they do not find him. “Where do they come from?” Why, some, I think, out of the water and some out of the ground. They look like that. But I am sure it is best to take no notice of them, and not to touch them.’
M.R.James – After Dark in the Playing Fields