Carolyn Wright

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Video and drawings
Ruskin Gallery Balcony, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road CB1 1PT
Mon-Sat 10:00-16:30

Erasure shows two different people responding to a simple request to write and erase text on a single piece of paper. The resulting tussle evidences our need for status and a hierarchy over each other, the to and fro of communication and the inherent desire to overcome as the hands and arms battle for supremacy in their opposing actions. The Erasure interactions have been videoed on an ongoing basis since 2002, and I will show a looped video of several interactions between different pairs of people selected from the Erasure library. The looping video will last approx. 30 minutes and show the interactions on a split screen format. The videos are accompanied by drawings resulting from the exchanges, showing the erased text.

Caroline Wright is an artist living in rural Suffolk with a studio in East London. Her work, which is realised in performance and visual media, occupies a space of imagination that exists between the gallery and alternative locations. Wright investigates status, loss and value. Actions become metaphors for life and social relations. Objects are taken out of service and transformed; they represent, for Wright, poignant examples of the ephemerality of existence and how the act of being changes through life. In drawings, lost writing and forms float in space, offering an impermanent legacy and sometimes finding their way into small publications as a resting place.

Wright’s recent works include Out of Water, a performance for London 2012, PSi 19 in San Francisco and Edinburgh Festival, My Home is my Museum, a performance and public collection of objects for Curating Cambridge and Breath Control for leCollectifBLAST in Angers, France. She has shown work in solo and group shows at firstsite, Arnolfini, Outpost, Towner Gallery, Smiths Row and Wysing Arts Centre and worked with organisations such as The National Trust and UCL Museums and Collections. In September 2013, Wright curated the inaugural PILOT Festival in coastal Brightlingsea, Essex and is currently Fine Art Programme Leader for post- and undergraduate level for The Open College of the Arts. Wright is a member of the artist collective Live Art Collective East (LACE) and a member of The Misreading Group.