Anthony Irwin

Anthony Irwin - ALL Application Form

Person Specification
Acrylic on canvas
Helmore Bridge, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road CB1 1PT
Mon-Sat 10:00-16:30

Person Specification takes as its starting point the person specification section of a job application. A list of phrases describing the qualities and skills desired by the employer (such as “flexible”, “extends networks”, “customer focused”) is organized letter by letter, and then overlaid by an abstract design based on elements of the letters beneath. What occurs visually in the picture is a metaphor for the ability to resist (or not) the formation of the individual sometimes referred to as the neoliberal subject.

Anthony Irwin
My practice centres around painting. Recently my work has used imagery and texts relating to the modern workplace as a way of examining the kind of self and social relations demanded by contemporary business culture. It relies on strategies for production which bring in elements outside of art such as the bureaucratic or commercial, and through juxtaposition, layering or recontextualisation investigates the impact and potential meanings of such materials.