Annamaria Kardos

Until Further Notice
Sculptural public intervention
Itinerant locations around Cambridge; dates, times and locations tbc

Until Further Notice claims a situation that will not change until another announcement is made: at once undermining its outlook but not without hope. Whether closed, delayed, precariously anticipated or holding out, Until Further Notice suspends our trajectories. It indicates both an urgency and possibility. It draws on the state of things by suggesting the ‘inconvenience caused’ as moments of potential.

The work will be on tour across Cambridge, in parks and woodlands, at stations and crossings, places of education and community all of which will feed into a growing itinerary available to view online.

Annamaria Kardos
My practice questions the relationship of power and control that are inherent in language and our everyday interactions in education, at work or in public. I am interested in social drawings, the politics of institutional conditioning and domesticated agendas. By pointing at shortcomings I am retrieving situations that playfully suggest a reopening. My performative sculptures, text-based work and site-related interventions are layered with humour and seesawing between the didactic and perceptual.

I am currently undertaking my MFA at Goldsmiths University. Much of my work is created during residencies and off-sites.